A wise– if perhaps slightly pedantic– generator of metaphor.

However, a lobster is a food from the right perspective. The foodless index comes from a smothered mile. Recent controversy aside, authors often misinterpret the quiver as a dreamlike whorl, when in actuality it feels more like a scrannel jumper. Recent controversy aside, their population was, in this moment, a lacking flesh.


Give me paragraph(s) containing sentence(s) each; wrap them in <p> tags.

Huh? Numbers please. Above 0.

API Usage

Get paragraphs by sending an AJAX request to<numberOfParagraphs><numberOfParagraphs>/<numberOfSentences>

limit: 20 paragraphs / 50 sentences

Or just grab a few sentences by hitting<numberOfSentences>

Add a URL parameter p=true to get each paragraph in <p> tags

Using OS X or Linux? Try this in the command line:


And here’s a nifty bash script that copies metaphorpsum straight to your clipboard

function meta() { curl$@ | pbcopy ;}

usage: meta 5

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