A wise– if perhaps slightly pedantic– generator of metaphor.

Some posit the sternmost soda to be less than ridden. Far from the truth, the literature would have us believe that an untiled sea is not but a keyboard. Some assert that few can name a schizoid dahlia that isn't a bootleg passive. Britishes are untombed juices.


Give me paragraph(s) containing sentence(s) each; wrap them in <p> tags.

Huh? Numbers please. Above 0.

API Usage

Get paragraphs by sending an AJAX request to<numberOfParagraphs><numberOfParagraphs>/<numberOfSentences>

limit: 20 paragraphs / 50 sentences

Or just grab a few sentences by hitting<numberOfSentences>

Add a URL parameter p=true to get each paragraph in <p> tags

Using OS X or Linux? Try this in the command line:


And here’s a nifty bash script that copies metaphorpsum straight to your clipboard

function meta() { curl$@ | pbcopy ;}

usage: meta 5

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